Sunday Sessions: The Burt Street Individuals.

Sunday Sessions-- These eleven tracks are, perhaps, the most easy set of songs I have ever produced. The kids and I, Alek on bass, Adam on drums, Helen on alto sax, and myself on piano, just re-directed our regular Sunday rehearsals during the summer of 2010 to a jam/recording session.

On 'Three Hole Punch', my wife plays flute, and Emma plays cello.

Tune by tune, it was really fun to see this project come to life. The title, 'Sunday Sessions' is exactly what it means. We have worked on our 'groove' and now we are making this offering to you.

Worship the groove god... $12.oo

1. Probitas
2. Fool's Gold
3. The River
4. New Sunday News
5. Mo & Bop
6. Favorite Change
7. Helen Seven
8. Sunday Morning
9. Heartbeat
10. Emmas's Birthday
11. Three Hole Punch